Of Course You Can!

Preserving wholesome fresh fruit was a way of life for generations gone by. It found its way back. A canning resurgence is sweeping the nation, as people everywhere bottle up the bounties of the season and celebrate an art that’s once again au courant. We invite you to join the movement, roll up your sleeves, and enjoy the sweet taste of summer all year long.

Fruit Preservation Recipes

Peruse Sweet Preservation’s recipe collection for canning inspiration, including jams, preserves, spreads and inventive flavor combinations. From white cherries in raspberry sauce, to peach lavender jam, apricot butter, and other delights, there’s a recipe for every occasion, skill level and taste.

Throw a Canning Party!

Who needs a holiday to throw a party? Celebrate summer by gathering up your sweetest friends for an iconic afternoon of fruit preservation. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you will need to organize the party, from first invite to final jar seal.